Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sitemeter, cheating & Badwater :)

I noticed some strange search activity surge through the Sitemeter today: several distinctively different people (Tennessee, Illinois, California) were searching info on “cheating at Badwater in 2007”, or “Badwater cheaters 2007”, etc. Such searches never came up in my stats before. Was there some press release recently about something like that?

While trying to find out what is going on with that I discovered a cool AdventureCORPS' archive of Badwater and Furnace Creek 508 race magazines (all in PDF format):

Just went through the most recent Badwater magazine:
It contains a detailed historical note about the race as well as a bunch of interviews and useful pieces of advise about running in high-temperature conditions, although the latter does not seem to be extremely applicable to us right now: I even had to use running gloves a couple of days ago :)


Cassie said...

Someone posted something about the winners cheating at Badwater on the ultralist. It was, of course, rubbish and has been dispelled in multiple ways based on the facts of the matter.

Anonymous said...

why would someone run badwater and cheat - that defeats the purpose of this event. i don't even know - do the runners wear chips?

Dmitri Chechuy said...

I agree, Steph! It was my reaction too.
As for the chips I bet they do use those. I am not sure there are many (if any at all) trail ultramarathons where runners wear chips.