Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Runners. Yeah, we're different.

It was such a neat campaign! It beats even Pearl Izumi with their "We are not joggers!" slogan. It is funnier and less arrogant, and resonates with me one more than a Pearl Izumi's promise of dead bodies on "dumpster-laden back alleys". Pearl Izumi is a bit too serious and even grave at times. Adidas laid out exactly the same message, but it sounds like fun and does not intimidate anyone.

Not sure when Adidas did this campaign, but it was definitely before I got into running. So I was not among its target audience at that time - otherwise I would surely remember it!

Here are more posters from the same campaign:

P.S. Jess, thanks a lot for posting this link on the OCTR site today!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the old lady at the doc.!!!!

Jack said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting the link too.