Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Meadows scored again

I was anticipating Saturday morning for the most of the week nurturing the thought of my forthcoming revenge on the Meadows trail ascent in Aliso Canyon. Last Sunday I burned out very early and just walked up almost all of it. When I thought about it afterwards it seemed a little ridiculous that I could not push myself to run for just one mile… well, one pretty steep uphill mile… but a mile is just a mile after all…

So I got there this morning determined to conquer the darn thing this time and run all the way to the top. I managed to run (or better to say jog to be brutally honest about my incredible performance) for the first 0.6 mile of the climb, but could not help switching to walking after that.

Still I managed to pass by a group of mountain bikers on my way up. Those guys were definitely struggling more than I did as they also had those bikes to carry – and sure enough they were walking up too.

The Meadows-Dmitri score is 2:0 now. But I will be back!

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