Thursday, November 01, 2007

Asics Gel-Trail Attack (review on 500M anniversary)

I ran 500th mile in my Asics Gel-Trail Attack II shoes yesterday, which also happen to be my first trail running shoes. I still clearly remember my first ever trail run around the lake in Peters Canyon in less than an hour after I bought them. This makes it even more difficult for me to say good buy to them, although 500M is the age for nearly any running shoes when it is highly recommended to do so.

- Superb cushioning – same GEL cushioning system as in the Asics road shoes – they feel like road running shoes whether you run on concrete or dirt
- Very light shoes, 11.2oz
- MONO-Sock Fit System with Sand Guard protects your feet from sand and gravel
- These shoes are completely seamless inside: your feet will feel no stitches – even while the shoes are still new

- The outsole is more all-terrain than designed for trail. I do not feel comfortable in these shoes on technical steep downhill sections as the outsole does not provide me enough traction
- Same can be said about wet rocks and wet concrete – the shoes become slippery there

I did not try the new Asics Gel-Trail Attack 3 yet, but if they are as good as the Trail Attack II, I would certainly recommend them!

As a replacement to my Trail Attack II shoes, I got myself Asics Gel-Trabuco 10 last week. It is too early to comment on them yet, but I can already say that they are heavier, and I miss ingenious MONO-Sock seamless design of Trail Attack shoes. On the other hand Trabuco shoes have a more robust outsole that will provide much better traction on technical trails. And I also hope they will compensate their extra weight with even better cushioning system :)

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