Sunday, November 04, 2007

Aliso & Wood Canyons with Jess, Jeff and Greg

We had another splendid run in Aliso/Wood this morning with Jess, Jeff and Greg. As we started at 6:30am, the additional hour of sleep we got due to the time change came pretty handy.

This time we took Meadows trail. Greg mentioned that he will be able to say he is in an excellent form when he is able to run it all the way to the end. As we were running through those beautiful meadows on an absolutely flat trail I could hardly understand what Greg was talking about. But the understanding came to me pretty quickly – right after the first 50 yards of the crazy uphill section of this trail we hit around mile 3. The Meadow climb was quite humiliating – I had to walk 90% of it, while Greg and Jeff disappeared in the dense fog ahead of us pretty quickly. According to my Garmin the climb was about a mile long with 650-700 feet of overall elevation gain.

Whenever I get a false feeling I am an endurance athlete or something like that, I will do the Meadows climb again to get myself back into senses.

Greg left us around mile 5 where he took the Stair Step Trail – he was totally obsessed with the idea of doing an ultra-long run this morning and could not waste any more of his precious time with slow kids like us, who consider 12 miles to be enough for a Sunday run. As the Stair Step Trail is a very steep downhill, we took a couple of pictures of Greg in case we do not see him again in one piece.

The most fun part of our run was running down the Cholla Trail. I totally feel like a 10 year old kid on this section. All it takes is to turn off your brain along with the self-preservation instincts, and pray there are no mountain bikers doing the same right behind you.

Some more photos I took in Aliso & Wood Canyons today:

Aliso/Woods Canyon, Nov-07


jeff said...

i had a great time running with you, dmitri! we'll need to run down meadows next time and scream the whole way!

Jessica Deline said...

great pics. and great run!!

olga said...

Sounds like fun all around! And great pics of iMichelle, this girl is rocket.