Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chiquita Canyon Fire Road (poor deer!)

I did my last long training run before the Long Beach marathon today.
I started on the fire road that goes on the hills ridge to the east from Antonio Parkway.

Somewhere on the hills above Oso I came across a deer that had been eaten by someone. Moutain lions? Could be, although I bet it were not them who put a rope around the neck of the poor animal.

I did not know exactly where Chiquita Canyon fire roads go: sometimes I could see some houses in the distance, sometimes I saw nothing except hills. Between miles 9 and 10 I started to feel I am getting lost in those hills and probably need to turn back. The only problem with that was I did not have enough water to make it all the way back to Ladera. It was getting quite hot and 40oz from my two hand-bottles evaporated sooner than usual.
I completely ran out of Gatorade by mile 12. However by that time I already was out of the woods on Antonio and had to run just 2 miles without water before I reached a gas station on Oso with an amazing choice of cold drinks in the fridge :)

Mileage: 15.8 miles
Time: 2:54:40
Average pace: 11:03 min/mile


matt said...

i love it when you can find that magical gas station on a road that is near the trails. i try to plan my long trail runs for that very kind of scenario.

great training run and good luck at your marathon!

stephruns said...

Well someone had a good meal!

Be safe.