Sunday, September 09, 2007

Morgan trail run

I tried a new very cool trail today - Morgan trail - with Linda, Andy and Brian.

The trailhead is located next to that weirdish candy store in the middle of nowhere on Ortega highway.

As Andy said, if you run Morgan trail, it feels like you do three completely different trails back to back. At first you have to climb a pretty steep incline jumping from boulder to boulder.
Then you run a pretty flat trail carved into 7-feet-tall dry bushes on both sides. The rest of the trail goes through a little canyon with a shady green forest in it.
The trail ends up at a rest/vista area on the Main Drive also known as NF-6S07 road (could not someone come up with a more straight name for this road?!)
From this point you can see the north-west part of the lake Elsinore. Even if we did not enjoy the trail itself as much as we did, just this one view would be worth the effort of getting there.

The trail is 5 miles one way - or 10 miles out and back. We did the whole thing just 2 seconds shy of 2 hours at a very comfortable and relaxed pace of over 11 min/mile.I loved it and will certainly be back.
The only thing is I would not recommend to run there alone as we saw some paw-prints of a mountain lion on the trail.

Here are more pictures from our run:
Morgan Trail Sep-07

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stephruns said...

Seems you have more kitties up in OC then we have down here. Anyhow, I got a whistle to carry with me just in case - they don't like that sounds they say!!!