Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Old Glory Run: Dancing in the Rain

I love rains but enjoy them more when it rains behind a window, especially on a Saturday morning when you do not need to get up early (or at least as early as 5:30 am). I guess I am not a Fred-Astaire-type of a guy capable to sing and dance in the rain and above all enjoy it at the same time :-)

Therefore when we met on Modjeska Grade road this morning under pouring rain and wind my first impression was: Are we nuts?! Here is a group of people that really needs some serious professional mental assistance. At least myself for sure: I just had a severe cold that lasted for two weeks and have not fully got over it yet. What the heck am I thinking of?
But the whole thing turned out to be much more enjoyable than it initially felt like, even although some of the trails were pretty muddy and slippery and we were all wet through. I was wondering what it would feel to do a trail run with ankle weights. I got a good preview of it today - at times it was feeling like I had a pound of clay on each shoe.
Despite the weather conditions we had a pretty sizable group today: Jessica, Julian, Bobby, Skip, Tracie, and myself.

All the views were totally breathtaking:
And when we reached the Old Glory flagstaff, it felt almost like reaching Mt.Whitney summit (easy for me to say as I never did the latter myself).

Jessica did a post about our today's run as well:

More photos from our run (29 photos):

The Old Glory Run

P.S. All the photos are 1024x768. If anyone needs original photos (1600x1200) for print or something, just let me know and I will make them available too.

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