Thursday, October 04, 2007

Our Hills Have Eyes Too

I was running around 10PM yesterday’s night on my home trails along that power line that goes through Ladera Ranch.

On my way back I saw yellow eyes looking at me from the trail ahead. Although I knew who it was my imagination was picturing someone big and dangerous. This time the coyote was not as afraid as the last time (I bet I look a way more dangerous when I listen to Apocaliptica on the run, but this time it was just a news podcast) and I had a chance to have a good look at him.

Yup, it was a coyote, and a pretty small one. He looked more like a prey than a predator in a pale glow of my headlight – especially when he fled into bushes.

The picture of a coyote in this blog is not an actual shot I made - I did not have my camera with me yesterday. Still this one looks exactly like the one I saw: pathetically harmless and well-natured :)

Another remarkable thing about yesterday’s 10K was that it was the first (and the last) run in my life on O’Doul’s :) I am not sure how I even came up with such a crazy idea. Probably it all came from Ben’s ramblings about his experience with Cascade Crest 100. One way or another when I was trying to pick between Gatorade and Mountain Dew to load into my hand bottle, all of a sudden I reached for O’Doul’s and poured it in instead :)

At first it was kinda cool – the beer was cool – and even cooler was the bare idea that I drink it on the run. My headlight was creating a tunnel effect when it all looks like as if you have a black-&-white TV right in front of your face. Plus I was listening to podcasts. So it all was like sitting with a bottle of a cool beer on a sofa and watching TV.

The downside of it was that around mile 5 remaining beer warmed up and foam-ized in my hand bottle. It is not just that the warm beer foam is barely drinkable and enjoyable, but also that due to the foam generation effect I lost my last 2oz of water (well, of beer in this particular case) - those same 2 last oz I always treasure most of all :)

Legal disclaimer:
O’Doul’s is a non-alcoholic brew. The coyote I saw on the hills has nothing to do with my O’Doul’s experiment, and cannot be considered a side-effect of O’Doul’s consumption.


e-rod said...

o'doul's for hydration? that's a classic. lol. jackals in oc? are you sure it wasn't a coyote? hey we gotta run together soon, d.

Dmitri Chechuy said...

LOL :)))
Sure it was a coyote! I just corrected it in the blog.
Thanks for the sanity check, Eric!

matt said...

what kind of headlamp do you like to use out there, dmitri?

Dmitri Chechuy said...

I went with one of the cheapest models - Petzl Tikkina or something like that:

I wanted it to be LED based as those usually have a way better battery life (45 hours versus 4 hours for a conventional headlight).

Also I did not want something too bulky with an additional battery block on the back of my head band.

Plus I wanted a model based on AAA batteries as they are a way cheaper and more accessible than CR2032 batteries. Otherwise I would probably go with this one:

The model I have is a basic one. If you run in the night a lot or plan on it – and I know you do with your 100K/100M roadmap – I would probably buy something more powerful like:

stephruns said...

As much as I love this movie "the hills have eyes" (original movie), every time I run in the hills I think of the movie. Creepy!!!!!