Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lightnings & Coyotes

I was running pretty late tonight along the powerline hills of Ladera. I have got myself a new toy lately - a headlight (I never had one before) - and decided to put it to a test. And the result was quite spectacular:

Well, the lightning in Ladera is a fake. It is just me running in front of my camera with my headlight on. And it is not like I am lightning-fast but the camera is that slow in the night shooting mode.

Yup, the lightning was a fake, but the coyote was pretty real. I would not probably even notice him if I did not have my headlight on. The coyote turned out to be pretty skiddish and got off my way.


Jessica Deline said...

cool pictures

stephruns said...

Yes, also for me it's about time I got a headlight. Sooner or later we all most be able to run with it! Great pics, too!

JohnF said...

Was going to say "cool pictures", but someone beat me to it.