Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aliso & Wood Canyons

I overslept this morning - my super-intelligent alarm clock switched to winter time this night and when I finally woke up at 5:35am, I realized quite soon that it is more like a quarter to 7 already :(

Trying not to swear too loudly, I eventually left home at 7:05am. I was supposed to meet with OCTR team 5 minutes before and be running already and I was still 10 miles away from the trailhead!

No wonder when I came there 25 min late I did not find anyone at the Awma parking lot, and the trail was empty too...

Still I got lucky - I took a Rock It trail shortcut and caught up Greg and Martin, and in a while after that Sue and Steph on the hill ridge where the trail ends. Here is a picture from the happy reunion:

I ran about 13 miles today and feel pretty happy I did not miss all the fun due to my alarm clock hiccup this morning.

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