Monday, October 15, 2007

Long Beach Aftermath

Although my legs are sore – in particular the arch of my right foot, which feels like I stretched it a little – I feel much better than after any of my previous races, even half-marathons.

Usually on the first day after a race I am completely crippled, can barely walk and completely unable to manage stairs – even sideways or backwards – downstairs in particular. And I am usually unable to run for almost a week after a race.

This time it is different. If my arch were not bugging me, I would even go for a quick run tonight.

I remember in Karnazes’ book he recalls one of his cross-country coaches told him it should hurt like hell after a race or otherwise it means you did not give your best to it. And this is exactly how I feel after the Long Beach this year.

What a masochism: it does not hurt enough and I am disappointed because of it :-)))

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matt said...

i actually enjoy that next-day pain, so i understand your feelings. congrats on a strong race at LB. i look forward to following your training as you get ready for the Twin Peaks 50 Miler.