Friday, August 24, 2007

Grass Painting

I have had a very unique first-time-in-my-life experience this morning: I saw people painting the grass lawn under our office windows.
Yup, the lawn turned a little bit yellowish and they are painting it green using a sort of a multi-tube spray on wheels.

I just found it ridiculously funny. I never heard about anyone doing something like that since I read Alice in Wonderland when cards had to repaint white roses into red :-)


stephruns said...

I'm speechless. Here it's all about the perfect looks. The other night a neighbor asked me to not have my dog urinate at the plants! Gee, where else is he supposed to go? So in case the plant dies, I will recommend my neighbor that spray color!

e-rod said...

that is too funny. but i guess is the oc after all.