Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Times: photos from Mt.Disappointment 50K

A billion-dollar view from Mt. Wilson:
This is what Mt. Wilson looked like when I arrived there at 5:25AM

Long line to men's restroom (at the same time there was no line at all to the lady's one):
The parking lot is filling up:
Waiting for the race to start. I am the one on the very right. You can see my race cheat-sheet on my left arm:
Gary's most famous "Listen UP people!":
Gabor Kozinc and Gary's "last word" before the race:This is how it all started:Barefoot Ted McDonald (I could only say "Wow!" when I first met him at Clear Creek):Barefoot Ted's famous feet:
I never enjoy a race more than during long descends:
Eric is leading the pack:
This is Eric again and he's really enjoying the trail:
This is me. Despite low resolution you can clearly read "are we there yet?" in my eyes:
Steph is enjoying it more than I do:Genuine poison oak from our trail's whereabouts:

These photos were illegitimately stolen from Andy Kumeda’s and Badwaterbenjones' online photo albums... I am so taking my camera next time :-)


e-rod said...

hey, good job in finding those photos on the race course. i don't even remember the photographer out there.

stephruns said...

Hey - you found the pics as well. I searched for them, since I don't see any official one on the website. Maybe they will still come? I hope so!