Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cheating in Europe

Just read a very curious recap from Scott Jurek about the Mont-Blanc race. The most interesting thing in it is the part about cheating and shortcuts when in Europe:

"I know in mountain running they’ll take the shortest routes as they wish, but the translated race rules said to not cut switchbacks for the sake of the environment. And we were led to believe that the runners were to stay directly on the very well marked course as we would in the States. But what we might call cheating is completely acceptable...
Maybe there is an unwritten rule that the top runners don’t have to adhere to the rules as closely as the others, as evidenced also by the outside aid and pacing of some of the top runners. Cultural difference? ... When in France, do as the French?!"


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Dmitri Chechuy said...

Here is Karl Meltzers's recap from the same race where he pretty much seconds Scott on cutting the corners and unsanctioned aid: