Thursday, March 20, 2008

VO2Max at Back Bay, Vol.1

I joined Jeff for his weekly VO2 Max workout today. Two observations:

1) I hate speed-work!
2) I should definitely do it more often!

We started at YMCA and ran all the way around Back Bay and back, and ended up with around 9.5 miles of overall mileage.

We did eight 1/2-mile VO2Max repeats with 1/4-mile jog intervals in between. I averaged at 6:40 min/mile, ranging from 6:20 to 7. Just in case: no, 6:40 was not my jog pace, but my VO2Max pace :) I am just that slow!

Jeff was cracking jokes all the way, which did not help either. It was like we see next 1/2 mile marker and urgently strive to stop laughing to be able to start the next speed interval.

As much as I am in love with trails and mountains, sometimes I miss my old road running days, and Back Bay in particular!


jeff said...

me? cracking jokes? YOU were the one that made the joke that almost made me stop running!

thanks for the company. i really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

a good combination of both road and trails the most fun - at least to me. besides it keeps each one more exciting;-)

great job on your times.