Sunday, March 30, 2008

Into the clouds

We ran Los Pinos trail again today – this time with Kirk. No one else showed up. And this is very understandable: the weather was pretty nasty in the morning – it was cold and drizzling. I barely managed to suppress a temptation to go back to bad when I opened the door this morning.
We started from Lazy W Ranch, ran all the way to the Main Divide and then back.
~ Overall elevation gain: about 5,000ft
~ Total mileage: 17.5 miles
~ Our time today: 5:19:05 (this does not include our pit stops)
It was raining, but not as windy as the last time. I got wet through pretty quickly, as the trail is overgrown and you cannot run through these bushes without getting completely soaked with all the water from them.
After mile 4 it got pretty dark as we ran into a cloud. It felt like a sauna, except it was a way colder.
Even despite the weather condition we could not help noticing on our way up – through the tears – that the trail is freaking beautiful as everything was blooming on it.
On our way back we got passed by three mountain bikers. Should I add they were actually biking three, on those steep ridge trails? I am getting goose bumps on my back from just thinking about trying to ride a bike on the Los Pinos trail!
More photos from our run:

Los Pinos: into the clouds


Charlie Nickell said...

If it makes you feel better, I prayed for you both at 8 a.m. while at Starbucks. I saw a trash can liner and also thought of you.

olga said...

The picture down with the girl is hot! OK, dude, you've been tagged, sorry:)