Monday, March 17, 2008

Fartlek Team Game Rules

I got introduced by one of my colleagues to Fartlek Team Game recently.
The guy that told me about it is an incredible runner himself with a 2:16 marathon PR under his belt, and he used to coach young pro-level athletes.

Fartlek Team Game is a very efficient speed-work exercise and a lot of fun at the same time.

1. Each team consists of two runners that pass a baton to each other

2. If there are multiple teams, it is recommended to shuffle runners either selecting partners flipping a nickel, or grouping the fastest and slowest into the same team

3. The Game takes 45 minutes sharp with no breaks

4. The Goal is to make baton travel around the track as many times as possible

5. The runner with the baton is running around the track at VO2Max level, while the second one is strategizing whether to run and meet the 1st runner half way or jog in the same direction as their partner to get caught a bit later

It is recommended to do speed workouts at least once a week.
I plan to integrate them into my weekly training (either with someone else or solo) starting this week.

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jeff said...

what does your schedule look like this week? i have 800m intervals on the schedule for thursday. i usually do them at lunch on the back bay trail, but might be able to swing something at a local track in the afternoon.