Monday, February 04, 2008

Under Armour: THE FUTURE IS OURS!!!

The new Under Armour commercial is one of the most genius sports commercials I ever saw.

It is us or them!
The game has changed!
You are the new prototypes!
We are Under Amour!

Excellent idea, great timing, seemingly flawless execution!

1) Under Armour built a great premium brand, built up a very strong retail position, and it was totally the right step for them to diversify their brand expanding it into footwear

2) They chose a big bang strategy to make sure everyone gets the message: it is not a brand evolution, but a revolution

3) And what is a better moment to come up with this message and get *really* noticed than the Super Bowl?

4) Look at the positioning: "It is us or them!" This slogan portrays zero tolerance to any competition! We are the Clan! The future is ours! If you are caught wearing Nike or Adidas - even when cleaning your garage - you are not one of us any more!

5) The passion and drive of the commercial are extremely contagious! The references to Matrix are cool too! Few commercials resonated with me more than this one.

6) Finally the Under Armour's commercial is pretty unique!

Just have a look at this Asics commercial: Sound Mind Sound Body

And compare it with this Nike's Just-do-it! thing:

Nike's and Asics commercials are so similar that it is difficult to tell one from the other. They are both high-quality and fun to watch. But they are far from being any unique and do not stick as much as Under Armour does.

Anyways, I just wanted to say there should be some kind of Academy Award for marketing people too, and one of those should definitely go to Under Armour.


Kim said...

There is an Academy Awards of the marketing world. The ECHO awards:

Anonymous said...

They all need new ad agencies! what's going on??? the old "stomp" number doesn't work for me any more.

but i can forgive asics, as my feet NEED them!