Thursday, February 21, 2008

RECOVER-ease: quick review

I have been using RECOVER-ease for three weeks already and can see the difference. It took my legs only two days to recover (even if not completely - to the level when running becomes comfortable again) after the Orange Curtain 100k last weekend. And the recovery itself was a way less painful than 10-days-long recovery after my first half marathon in 2006 :)

I usually take 8 pills after a race or a hard training runs (and 2 additional pills if the course was planned by Lambert), 4 pills after more relaxed long runs, and just 2 pills after weekday 3-5-mile quickies.

See the Wicked Fast website for more information of RECOVER-ease:

When I was contemplating about whether to join the herd of RECOVER-ease drug addicts, I did a quick study of 8 ingredients of RECOVER-ease to make sure there are no side effects or anything like that: the whole thing sounds to good to be true - take a blue pill and you will outrun iMichelle and Keira in no time :)

Besides the fact there are no known negative side-effects from any of those 8 ingredients, one of them - "citrus bioflavonoids" - is instrumental in the prevention of cancers and cardiovascular disease. Just one more side effect (or better to say side benefit) of the RECOVER-ease...

P.S. Here is a review of RECOVER-ease from an independent dietary supplements reviewer:


Anonymous said...

hmmm...i was very skeptic when i read octr's posts about recover ease; also because i couldn't find the side effects of this is NOT FDA approved!

glad to hear it works well. i might try it once i get into longer distances again.

Dmitri said...

Steph, I am also skeptical about all kinds of those magic pills that make your muscle grow with little or no training, or an extra weight get burned without any diet or exercise. I believe free cheese exists only in mouse traps: either those companies are deceiving you selling vitamin C marked as super-magical-performance-pill, or otherwise you are going to pay for it later.
That’s why before jumping onto this band wagon I checked side effects of each of the 8 components included in this thing and found nothing suspicious.
As for the FDA approval, you are right: it is not FDA-approved and I guess will never be, as technically it is not a drug but a dietary supplement.

Anonymous said...

I am researching Recovery-ease and I thought I should point out that your "independent dietary supplements reviewer" is actually now the Chief Scientific Officer of the company that makes Recovery-ease. He does mention this on his own website, but he never mentions this as a disclaimer when reviewing his own products.

Do you still like Recover-ease and Energy-ease?

Dmitri said...

Never tried Energy-Ease. As for Recovery-Ease I was regularly consuming it for 3 months and did not see any significant stamina or recovery time improvements. Do not doubt it though just because of it! Either it did not work for me or it is more efficient for folks with higher weekly mileages...

Kevin said...

I see the ingredients include beta-sitosterol. This is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It is similar to Proscar, a prostate drug. In some men 5-alphas lead to sexual dysfunction.