Friday, February 01, 2008

Montana de los Muertos: coming 2008

They have the skull there for a reason: this race is gonna have over 50,000ft of overall elavation gain.

So it looks like Barkley Marathon is gonna have a decent competition soon.

Barkley so far seemed to be the most gruesome of all those races. Not as well known as Badwater microwave race, but nevertheless Badwater sounds more like a cool vacation on an island compared to it.

Since the race began in 1986, only 6 runners out of about 600 have finished Barkley within the 60 hour cutoff.
The course record is 56 hours 57 min :)
It has 52,900 feet of elevation gain and a few more cool surprises :)

Talking about these races is like talking about merits of Veyron 16.4 (I bet insurance premium per year for it is more expensive than both of our cars are worth altogether :).
Still having a little meaningless chit-chat about Bartley's and Veyron's of the world is always kinda amusing :-)


Jessica Deline said...

elevation "change". Not "gain" :)

Dmitri said...

In Barkley's case, it is 52,900ft of elevation gain (with evidently the same elevation loss). As for the Dead 100, I assume they meant gain, but let's wait for the official course details :)

Anonymous said...

this one would be worth doing just for the t-shirt!!!!