Saturday, January 05, 2008

A perfect headband: SWEAT-BLOCK

I found a perfect headband and dumped all other types of headbands and bandannas I was wearing while running.

At first I bought one by HALO at Long Beach marathon expo in October: ($12)

I tried to get some more of those at OC marathon expo yesterday and discovered another company that sells exactly the same product under their own brand name - EVAKI: ($10)

Both brands also sell bandannas and tieback headbands based on the same technology but I prefer pullover headband version of it.

“Our headbands are manufactured with Visa Endurance fabric. Embedded with silver ions, this microfiber polyester helps eliminate bacteria caused by moisture to allow for maximum odor control for the life of the headband. The fabric is lightweight and breathable and keeps sweat away from the body which is exactly how you want it.

Utilizing a patented technology called SWEAT-BLOCK our headbands feature a water-tight seal that forces sweat to the sides of the face and away from the eyes. The non-slip surface keeps the band in place.”
Bottom line:
- Unlike any other headbands and caps, these headbands do actually divert sweat from your face
- They fit more comfortably, can be worn under a helmet when cycling, and will never crawl down onto your eyes
- They do not stink for some reason (even if you wear it during several long runs without washing), and they dry up quickly

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Anonymous said...

Headbands? Yeah, looks good on you - forget it on me!!!!