Sunday, January 06, 2008

Aliso Creek Bikeway

Thanks to Greg, I found today a perfect place to run at when it is wet and raining. Yup, we also have this “problem” sometimes here is Sothern California, where in general it never rains :)

Aliso Creek Bikeway starts at the Cook's Corner and goes all the way to Awma Rd and Also/Wood Canyon in Laguna Niguel.

One of the best places to park is a small parking lot right off El Toro and Marguerite, at the Saddleback Church. I was supposed to meet Greg there this morning but did not find the parking lot at first and missed him. So I ran following his footprints and met him after he turned back.

Greg ended up running all the way from this parking lot to the roundabout at the gate of Aliso/Wood, which is 23 miles out and back. I did not run this far and ended up doing only 18 miles today.

The course is spectacular, as most of it goes along a side of a small river with a lot of trees and vegetation growing around it. In most of the cases you have an option of either running on a paved road (mostly asphalt) or a dirt trail running right by it.

The course is pretty flat with almost no ups and downs, except that when you run from Lake Forest to Laguna Niguel most of it is a slight downhill, which means you are running uphill on your way.

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Jessica Deline said...

Not a bad place to run considering it's pavement. This path is one of the first places I ran when I moved to California 3 years ago...