Friday, January 25, 2008

20M on Donauinsel

I am going home tomorrow, and as on the last day our meetings finished earlier, I had some quality time for another run in Vienna. This time I crossed Donaukanal, ran through Leopoldstadt and then half-crossed Donau River to Donauinsel Island. Donauinsel is a very narrow and around 18-mile long island on the north-east of Vienna.

I descended on it from the Angerner-Bundestrasse somewhere in the middle and ran all the way to its south-eastern tip of Donauinsel and back.

My run was about 20.5 miles today, which brought my overall mileage for my week-long business trip in Vienna to 65 miles (or 105km). This is the maximum distance I ever covered within a week. A kind of a PR, so to say. However of OC100K goes fine, this PR will not stay longer than 20 days on my PR list :)

Donauinsel is a paradise for an urban runner. Most of the trails there are paved, but there are a few gravel fire roads too. The view from this island is as spectacular as it gets – Donau is embracing it from both sides and you see the river all the time during your run..

One of the gravel trails of Donauinsel:

Six miles ino the run:

Mile 10.5 where I eventually reached the south-eastern tip of the island:

Sunset above Donau:


jeff said...

headed home soon? we need to hook up and run my new, secret, outlaw trail!

olga said...

A beautiful sunset...and I love that list on "you know you're...", very true and funny!