Friday, December 07, 2007

Twin Peaks press leak

There has been a press leak that the new Twin Peaks 50M is going to become one of the toughest 50M courses in the world and the only race in trail running history that features two crazy Holly Jim climbs on the same course. And it will have 17,000ft of overall elevation gain too.

Although it all still might not happen I feel captivated with the idea and will be honored to DNF there even if it happens on the 21st feet of the 1st Holly Jim climb :)

The only downside is that for some slow folks like me the trails running race will end up in a painful trail hike. I was murmuring (a lot) about Gary Hillard’s ruthlessness during the last 5-mile climb of Mt. Disappointment, and it was only 50K with just 5,600ft overall elevation gain! What will I be thinking of Jess during and after Twin Peaks then?!

By the way Jess’ 50K is not going to be a vacation on an island either: only one Holly Jim, but still 11,000ft of elevation gain. I cannot understand myself: why does it sound like fun?

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