Tuesday, December 04, 2007

High Desert Recovery

We ran our standard 5K early in the morning today with Irina. And it felt even easier than usual. Less than 2 days after the race and I feel like I almost recovered already. Well at least physically, but not mentally yet. A part of me got stuck in the High Desert still running somewhere between the Wagon Wheel crossing and Pack Rats. A warning for all of those who did not do this Ridgecrest race before: beware, it is highly addictive!

By the way, I stole a couple of new watermarked pictures of Steph and me on the High Desert 50K course. They were all taken somewhere around the 1st aid station. Although the resolution is not very high, it is evident that I am high and need some professional help. I would call it High Desert overdose syndrome :)
P.S. Steph, you were right: I need to throw away my camera and buy a new one. All the photos I made turned out to be too dark for some reason - although none of them was made against the sun.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

aren't those pics great? I love the one where you seem to fly. A vampire after all????

your pics aren't too dark. it's just the settings. I will send you your pics back brighter as soon as I can.