Thursday, July 27, 2006

New horizons for just $160

`Nike launched a new ad campaign to promote their AIRMAX series of running shoes.

What is cool about it – they managed to reflect their passion and excitement of running. It is not about fitness, or weight loss, or new super cushioning features. It is all about adventure and new horizons, AIRMAX running shoes will open to you.

Nike rented some premium real estate on and some other web sites for enthusiasts. If you click one of their banners, you will get to the campaign page:

They split it into two parts – basketball and running. You can browse the shoes collection, check out interactive ads or watch TV commercials.

The commercials are particularly excellent.

One shows a young couple that got to a desert wearing Nike AIRMAX shoes.
“What is this place?” – he asks.
“I do not know. We’ve never been this far before!” – she answers.

Another guy saw a police chase, and wants to share this with his wife.
“Wait, you ran all the way to the river?!” – asks she with amazement and admiration, not even interested about the police accident.
He is not answering. He just casts a glance at his AIRMAX running shoes as if he did not even realize it, and is amazed himself he did run all the way to the river.

Although I ran into some issues with Nike running shoes in the past, and always go for ASICS, I nevertheless felt like giving AIRMAX sneakers a try…

I am used to buying premium running shoes, but $160 for AIRMAX.360 still seems a little bit steep. However once you realize you pay top dollar not for the shoes, but the new horizons promise, you attitude to it is very likely to change. People are ready to pay for emotionally charged products much more than what they pay for usability and product features. And this Nike campaign is another example of it.

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